TedX: Introduction to the Power of Big Data

This Ted Talk is a great introduction to the power of big data. She doesn’t say it’s big data, but those are the best way to teach people stuff.

Jennifer Golbeck: The curly fry conundrum: Why social media “likes” say more than you might think

And then she talks about the ownership of the data. Would the industry would let the users decide which data they want to share to be used in those algorithm.

Happy learning.


TedX: The algorithms in our world

There’s a lot of algorithms in our lives, Even if we don’t see them. They are everywhere, and the artist Michael Najjar in his High Altitude project has made a great representation some financial graph into mountains to represent them. A very good idea I would say.

But Kevin tries to explain us some effect of those algorithms. They are built to try to predict the future, predict the decision that emotional persons like human being will do facing some facts.

Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world

This talk is mostly about the use of algorithms in the financial market, with some examples in the everyday life (Google, et Amazon). And what the owner of the algorithms are doing to make them a few milliseconds faster.

This presentation makes me realize that we are trying to create an algorithm to predict the choices of an emotional being that might choose something else if he thinks that somebody (or something) is trying to influence him. So the algorithms will never be able to predict everything, except if they are well hidden.

Happy learning.

School of Greatness: Interview with A.J. Jacobs

This interview is incredible. This guy did some weird experiments like:

  • Outsourcing his life, including:
    – The night-time story to his kids
    – The arguments with his wife
  • He spent a year living Biblically
  • Reading a whole encyclopedia

A.J. Jacobs: Experiments in Lifestyle, Fitness and Self Improvement

In the end, this interview talks about life balancing, living healthy, and the power of gratitude.

A very good interview full of unusual experiment, and useful information.

Happy learning.

Community makes the individual go further

In the beginning of this Rich Roll Podcast, episode 134, they talk about some examples that shows nature showing that’s in group, in community, we can go further, we can do more and live better.

Like the African Dogs, Geese and cyclists, we are better in group then alone.

There is much more than that in this podcast, but this is a very strong idea that I like.

What could we do to bring more of this philosophy into our society, in our community?

What could we do to contribute to our community?

Happy learning and happy thinking.

The power of the brain in olympic disciplines

Rich Roll Podcast – 88 and 89 – Interview with Rebecca Soni

This interview is great and very long, 2 one hour parts. I’m not into swimming, I’m not much into sports. I do Aikido, hiking and running but that’s all. (It’s more than some but…). This interview is very much about the mental aspect of elite athletes. And most of it could be brought into an entrepreneurship point of view.

Part 1

Part 2

A inspiring interview about determination, hustle and pushing oneself to the limits by your goals.

It’s hard to believe that the difference between the athletes is about 80% mental. But with this interview I do start to believe it.

Happy learning.

Scott Galloway’s Market Analysis

This market analysis by Scott Galloway is amazing. He speaks very fast, but there is so much content, so much content in 15 minutes…

I did try to make some graph like his using Yahoo Finance. But for a 5 years market value I have something like that:

Market Value comparaison.

Market Value comparaison.

In the past 5 years, owners of Apple actions have a growth of 277.38%. But those owning Macy’s have a more stable growth.

Walmart might be a huge company, but the growth is not as good.

So there is a lot of things to learn and to investigate based to this presentation.

Happy learning.

Ladell Hill and his Chuice

Listening to the Rich Roll Podcast episode 90 was quite inspiring. Ladell Hill is an impressive person. And his Chuice is something that mystifies me. It raised a lot of questions about nutrition.

  • Are we eating too much?
  • How much is enough?
  • In northern region like Canada, what is the ideal way to feed yourselves?

Those are question I would like to answer, but I don’t have to knowledge yet. And again, I will have to learn. If you have any part of an answer, I would be glad to have the information. Happy learning.