From my Blogger: Writing: Content Strategy

I just started a course called: Content Strategy for Thought Leaders.

This course is to teach people to build a framework to help them write what they like. Fiction, non-fiction, blog, essay, books or simply become a thought leaders in their area of expertise.

I started this course because I do think it will help me become a better thought leader in my area (professionally, being able to write better technical documents), and enhance my hobby of writing.

I did start a lot of writing project but never completed any. This blog is one of them, and for now I still doing it. That’s a beginning, but not the first. I did start the same things a couple of years ago with another blog, that became a photo blog; And I didn’t post any photos for 2 years. Or those about my experience with my Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle repairs, or my house construction. But now I just started again. Hopefully this course with help me motivate myself to make it work and be known has a thought leader.

So, I’m still learning, learning to be better at what I like. And after the first session, I figured out that what I like is teaching. Learn, simplify, optimize and teach.

I wish I could find a software or process to teach. As Joseph Michael did for Scrivener, I need to open my eyes to the opportunities. The Mind Mapping exercise did open my eyes to some opportunities, I need to work on them. Maybe a recipe book, a video training on website management for volunteer in sport organisation (Soccer moms, Hockey moms, or even dads), Business Intelligence design, Ruby programming, developing BeagleBone Black projects or database administration.

Happy learning.


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