The Importance of Goals for Motivation

Goals and motivation goes hand in hand, if you can make your goals specific and small enough you can keep the motivation.

As Steve Kamb well describes it in this post on the NerdFitness blog:

Already Gave Up On Your Resolutions? Congratulations! Here’s Why.

And then this question was asked in the Lessons 2 of Content Strategy for Thought Leaders course. Do you need a blog?

Blogging can be a huge task, especially with a name like « One new thing a day ». As the lesson’s exercise ask to set parameters to your project. We should set some parameters to this experience. Because a never-ending project is a sure failure, everybody stops one day.

So what I understands from this lessons is that we need an online presence, but maybe not a blog. And if you do have a blog, do not start an open-ended project. This is the best way to steal time for your future projects, or fail.
Failure is one way to learn as Lewis Howes in episodes 126 says it, and I do feel he’s right. But you have to change things so you can have a win once in a while and prove, at least to yourself that you have learned. So this blog will evolve with time, with what I like.

I have written 1 short post each days for the last month; for the next month, April, I will to write a longer post each week. And maybe later I will try the 500 words a day for 31 days. But at this rate, I do think it will next year.

But for now, let’s try to finish the month of March with a blog posts per day.

Happy learning.


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