TedX: The algorithms in our world

There’s a lot of algorithms in our lives, Even if we don’t see them. They are everywhere, and the artist Michael Najjar in his High Altitude project has made a great representation some financial graph into mountains to represent them. A very good idea I would say.

But Kevin tries to explain us some effect of those algorithms. They are built to try to predict the future, predict the decision that emotional persons like human being will do facing some facts.

Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world

This talk is mostly about the use of algorithms in the financial market, with some examples in the everyday life (Google, et Amazon). And what the owner of the algorithms are doing to make them a few milliseconds faster.

This presentation makes me realize that we are trying to create an algorithm to predict the choices of an emotional being that might choose something else if he thinks that somebody (or something) is trying to influence him. So the algorithms will never be able to predict everything, except if they are well hidden.

Happy learning.


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