TedX: Own your body data

The women with a PhD in Statistics present us the power of owning our own body data. The presentation is funny and very data centred.

Talithia Williams: Own your body’s data

I do think it’s true, we need to own our body data. I do cumulate some of my body data, like my weight and the number of steps per day. Following my weight daily do help me see the causes of the weight change. I’m more aware of the effects of what I eat on my weight. Lately, I went to the sugar shack, and eat a lot, and I mean a lot. A gained 5 pounds, it took me 10 000 steps per day for 5 days to go back to my average weight.

But we need to have a basic knowledge about the data itself. The blood pressure is more variable, taking it a Sunday afternoon after a spa or meditation, and taking it a Friday day night right after hard and very stressing workweek. They won’t say the same. So taking it at the same time every day or every week, will give you a better idea of the situation. Just like your weight before a Thanksgiving diner and after. Sometimes we over-eat.

Happy learning.


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