Thought Leader course: Trying to tackle the world

I’m at lessons 3 of the Content Strategy for Thought Leaders course, a training about organizing your thought and writing about them to become a Thought Leader in your field.

In lessons 3, I stumbled on this title: This is why it’s more important to have a niche than try to tackle the world.

This is totally me, so I stopped what I was doing and started to write this post.

I always starts something that is too big, or start something, and then before publishing it. I ask myself, where should I publish this. Do I need a blog for each type of posts I want to do, and one about me, giving links to all my projects.

It reminds me of the SmartPassiveIncome Podcast episode 155. In this episode Pat Flynn is at one of his Mastermind call, and the Joey Korenman from is on the hot seat. And Joey has a lot of training ideas, and they all say to him: “Start one and complete it. When it’s done, go to the next one.”

I should do that, but I don’t know which to start.

Now let’s whip myself to the content strategy course, and finish this lesson 3…

Happy learning.


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