Great Word Processing software for writers

Has I’ve been writing more and more for my blog. I do start to get more comfortable with Scrivener from Literature and Latte as a word processing software. It’s a Word Processor on steroids for writers (any type of writer, even bloggers). It has a lot of options and a lot of possibilities to structure your work, store your research, and references. And can even help you concentrate on your work.

The composition mode (and the « do not disturb mode » of OS X) helps me work harder on my text.

I’m not yet very organized with the software, but the Scrivener Coach does help me a lot. The training helps me find my way into the software in sort but clear videos about how to do some things. And how to optimize your processes.

It doesn’t have a WordPress plugin to post a blog post from Scrivener (has I know of), but it can export your blog post as HTML. Which contains all the formatting you already set in Scrivener.

Has I wrote in a previous post: About Scrivener, it’s a great tool to write a novel, because the fiction template gives you places to put information and bio of each characters without having to search and open a new document as you would into a standard Word Processor.

Happy learning.


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