School of Greatness: Why leaders Eat Last

Lately I listened to an old episode of the School of Greatness podcast.

After I went to listen to his Ted Talk presentation:

Simon has a great vision of leadership. It’s a leadership that can be learned. Some people does have it more naturally, but it can be learned just like a skill. It’s a mix of empathy, trust and openness to others, so you don’t hurt their feelings and understand the non-verbal or read between the lines.

I like one of his example, but I don’t think I would have been able to read between the lines. The story go a bit like that: A man stops his movie to answer his wife’s call, and she asks him do you like the tapestry I choose for the soon to be born baby’s room. And he truthfully answer no. What he should have understood between the lines is “Do you think I will do choices has a mother?”

But what I can relate the most is when he makes the difference between leadership and authority. That is one of the things easily understand, because I do live that. A person that has authority, and no leadership that always say: “Do what I tell you because I’m the boss”. And my mental answer is: “I can’t, I don’t trust you”. People would follow a good leader because they trust them, and they would follow authority figures because they fear them. But sometimes in organisations, there are roles that you have authority over some staff, but you don’t have the power to cause fear in your staff. So you need them to trust you will make the good decisions if you want them to follow you.

The words of Simon Sinek are eye-opening, I do suggest at least the TedTalk presentations, and if you want to know more there is his book: Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t

Here’s an Affiliate link to his book:

Happy learning.


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