Why it doesn’t work

I’ve not written a lot these days. Working on a leaking pool pump, uncluttered my garage, sorting music for a gymnastics show, and analyzing wether to get a Home NAS or using cloud storage (because my current NAS died)… With a full time job.

I have been reading articles and listening a lot of podcast on productivity since the beginning of the year. And what I did those last week is against most productivity “laws”.
What can I do? It’s life, shit happen…

But I Have been able to run more than 100 Km this month. The Nike Running apps on iOS has some great training programs. The process to choose a program is simple, distance and then difficulty.
I choose the 5 Km Intermediate, and by week 5 it starts to get intense, very intense. On weekdays, it’s the first thing I do, it’s a kind of mind emptying exercice, that get’s me thinking about the next step, but not the next day. It helped my get more focused during the day.
So what can I learn about me and procrastination in this experience?

An app that gives me something to do, which most of the time takes about 30 minutes. With no reminders, alert, or social motivation.
I did set a goal on my Fitbit, and while running I move toward this goal at the same time. So it’s a 2 exercices working towards one goal.

So by what I understands, I need a simple plan, some short exercices, and I should be able to get to my goal.

Now, in the next week, I will try to build a plan to great the same thing but for different projects.

Happy Learning.