Book: A God in the Shed

An old friend and ex-coworker is now writing. And his “second” book (that I know of) is in a contest. The Nerdist Collection Contest. So if you like CSI, Drama, Police, and/or SciFi, you might like this book.

He always been a guy with a lot of imagination, and an amazing graphic artist.

You can find the book trailer here. And listen to the prologue here on YouTubeA God in the Shed by J-F Dubeau – Prologue

He’s using the Inkshares book crowdfunding platform. Which I find nice, and there’s a lot of promising novels in there.

So follow JF Dubeau on Inkshares for a lot of amazing stories and adventures.

A God in the Shed

Happy reading, and thank you for helping him.


TedTalks: The key to growth? Race WITH the machines

This TED Talk about evolution is very inspiring.
Describing the evolution of innovation since 1800. And the problem about machines stealing human’s job.

I might be already sold to the power of machines has a computer programmer. But teamwork has always the power of humanity. Most of us have been teaming with somebody that completes what you lack is a great, so why not teaming up with something, with a machine.

Has the presenter says:

« We shouldn’t slow down the machine or race against the machine. We should race with the machine. »
« Technology is not destiny. We shape destiny. »

A twelve minutes well invested.

Happy learning.