Learning Ruby

Ruby is a very popular programming language now a days.

Some time ago, I went to a RailsWorkshop. It was a great experience, and I just wish I could take more time to learn it better.

Anyone could do the Workshop at home, but you don’t have the more experienced programmers to help and teach you.

On the Friday night, it was the Installfest. On site, the RailsBridge volunteers could help you when you have problems, but the Installfest page is very detailed.

Then on Saturday, the RailsWorkshop is on. The RailsBridge volunteer present the projects depending on you Ruby skills. I went to the basic, the Into to Rails.

All the class are detailed on the RailsBridge web site and much more.

Having left that on the side for a while, and starting a new year. I decided I needed a new challenge.

So I just decided to recreate an application I used to study with, when I was in high school. It was a Trivial & Pursuit game on the Commodore 64, written in Basic. Back then, I found the code and identified the place where the questions were stored. So I simply added some questions about what I had to study, and played for hours.

Happy learning.


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