Allegory of the Cave – Now and Then

I studied the Allegory of the cave when I was in college, something like 20 years ago. And thinking about change management at work, I made an example with the allegory of the cave.

So I looked it up just to see if my allegory was right. If my memory of the cave is still right.

Wikipedia: Allegory of the Cave

After reading it again, I can say that I was mostly true. I did miss some details, but the basic idea was the same. The change management in computer science is very important for the product acceptance. It’s actions the project team needs to do, to helps the prisoner escape from the cave. Managing all the questions about the new environment. With each major innovation or change, development teams should help their users understand what has happened and sometimes why it has happened.

The Agile methodology tells you to have a user on your team. But the questions stays the same, they come when the prisoner goes back into the cave.

When I was studying philosophy 20 years ago, I liked it, but I never would’ve though it would be that present in my day to day life. Especially in computer science, working mostly with machines. But that’s not true, we do not work mostly with machines, we build an interface between the machines and humans. So we do work a lot with humans. And we need to be able to understand their needs, fears, and work (line of business).

The Allegory of the Cave is a small text, what can we expect from a whole book like The Prince from Niccolò Machiavelli (about politics plots).

Happy learning.



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