Renewable energy

I stumbled on an article about this company.

This a very great idea, I don’t know how it can work. But harvesting the body’s heat to make energy to recharge a battery.

If it works with the body’s heat, it could work on the sun’s too, or any other material. This is a promising tech.

If it’s movements, that is wise, since some automatic watch does works like that. But it need to generate much more energy to charge an electronic device, them to power a simple watch.

I wish I could know more.

Happy learning.


Diner planning

In our modern life, everything moves so fast. We are always trying to find some shortcuts to allow (find) us more free time.

So for a couple of weeks, I have been (and my girlfriend) planning the meals for 2 weeks at the time.

Most of the diners during week are prepared or almost prepared. So everyday, we need to unfreeze or put the prepared ingredients in the slow-cooker, and VoilĂ .

Ricardo has a lot of good recipes available on his website.

Ricardo Cuisine
Some of our favourite recipes are:

The recipes are simple, sometimes with unusual ingredients. But they are easy to follow and really detailed, just like build a LEGO set.

Happy learning.

Comparing yourself to others VS Setting goals

I like this posts from NerdFitness. But reading the comments, I can see that not everyone understood it the same way.

Rey from Star Wars deadlifted 187 pounds: How does that make you feel

Setting goals is better then comparing yourself to the #1.

The way I see it is that comparing yourself to someone else can be harmful. Comparing to somebody that is lower than you, could lead you to not pushing yourself enough. And comparing yourself to an elite player could lead to discouragement or overtraining.

This goes for physical skills as well as mental skills, so be careful with who you compare yourself to. We are unique, and our path (learning curve) is unique too. Comparing yourself to some else can only tell you:

  • I was there x time ago
  • I could be there sometime in the future

Happy learning.

Today’s busy life

Reading Marcus Aurelius’s book, I ask myself. Is our life really more busy then the life of a Roman Emperor?

In book 2,quote 5, he wrote:

Concentrate every minute like a man on doing what’s in front of you with precise and genuine seriousness… And on freeing yourself from all other distractions.
All the articles, books, and presentations about productivity nowadays are talking about removing the distractions, just like Marcus has wrote about 1900 years ago. More time changes more it stays the same.

In quote 7, he wrote:

Do external things distract you? Then make time for yourself to learn something worthwhile; stop letting yourself be pulled in all directions.
Reading this book, I sometimes think his talking about our modern life. 1900 years ago, with the same (or almost) ideas on life, the same preoccupations.

I strongly suggest anybody to read Meditations from Marcus Aurelius.

Here’s an affiliate link to buy the book on amazon. This is the actual version that I currently read.

Happy learning.