Git is a version control software. If your not a programmer, it might be useless to you.

It simply store each version of your code (files) in a repository (a directory, a local database or a distant database). And after you can go back in the version. If the programmer brakes something, it’s easier to compare and find the differences.

Atlasssian has a very detailed Git Tutorial.Ok, they sell a private repository application. So if their clients are more knowledgeable, they have less questions. A good business model from my point of view.

Here’s a 10000 ft view of the concept that helps me understand the application and commands.

GIT Overview


Here’s a interactive, more detailed and complex version of my image. A GIT Cheat Sheet. And an other cheat sheet for those who like text, text, and more text

They’re many web repositories available. But the one I prefer is GitLab. And the most popular is GitHub.

Happy learning.



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