Meditation: I or it

I have been meditating for a couple of years, once in a while (less than once a month). I didn’t see a change. or all the wonderful changes that other people talks about

Am I doing something wrong, or is meditation useless for me?

So I’m trying a 30 days meditation challenge (with myself) to see if I can see a difference. If meditation can bring me something more, something different. Be able to feel an enhancement.

It’s been 21 days now, I don’t feel any difference. Is it because:

  • I don’t do it right?
  • I’m doing it wrong?
  • I already have a calm temper?
  • Suffering from asthma, I already learned to control my breath?
  • The sessions should be longer?

Comparing to running, which helped me have a better cardio, gave me some  alone time to think or time to listen to podcast/TedTalks and help me control my weight. And were I saw improvement almost each time I went running.

Maybe I should compare that to martial arts, it takes longer to learn. It’s harder to feel the difference, since we grow with it.

I will still continu the exercise. Maybe I’ll go for a 60 days challenge…

Happy learning.


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